Jihad And Its Implication Toward Radicalism in Islam : a Literature Study Toward Jihad Doctrine and Hardline Movement in Islam

Shalihin, Nurus (2012) Jihad And Its Implication Toward Radicalism in Islam : a Literature Study Toward Jihad Doctrine and Hardline Movement in Islam. In: International Symposium On The Strategic Role of Religious Education in The Development Of Culture of Peace.


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The paper will examine the implication of jihad doctrine islam radicalism.Its mean that radicalism increases slightly in Islam because of jihad doctrine believed by hardline muslim movement. This is assumption which will be tested in the paper. The assumption is from the evidence understood through the terrorism phenomena. Various research shown thet jihad doctrine is a causal factor why the suicide-bombers happened in modern era.Practically, that suicide actions are done by hardline movement in Islam like al_qaidah: Jama'ah Islamiah.Many literatures writtenin international journals indicated that jihad doctrines are a important pillar believed by terrorism to purify their terrorism action in various of the muslim countries. Walid Phares, Future Terrorism Mutant Jihad(1992); Allan D Ingalls, Jihad and Martyrdom in Islam (2002); M.Moniruzzaman, Jihad and Terrorism : An Alternative Explanation:Eamon Myrphy & Ahmad Rashid Malik, Pakistan Jihad: The Making of Religious Terrorism (2009); Asma Barlas, Jihad = Holy War = Terrorism: The Politics of Conflation and Denial (2003); Mohamad Faisol Kelling, Md. Shukri Shuib, Mohd Ne'eim Ajis, Achmad Dzariean Mohd Nadzri, The Problem of Terrorism in Southeast Aisa (2009) are the research informing that jihad doctrines have important contribution toward terrorism action in several states. The research pardigm in this study is hermeneutic paradigm. It Corellates with the research results on jihad doctrine and its implication toeawrd radicalism movement in Islam-international journals, and books. The assumtion whisch will explore in this research is that jihad concepts od hardline networking in Islam have noted, and narrated by the recent researchers. Especially, after the September 11th attack. It has atrracted many scholar to study terrorism and their jihad concept. With interpretative approach, the research resultshown in international journal will interpret exhaustively. Then, the research re-exactly clues to understand why the jihad doctrines have tended to encourage the terrorism action in many countries--Indonesia, United State, Pakistan, Afganistan, and the others. Inded, with understand the terrorism's jihad concept, the deconstruction tp the wrong jihad concept possible to be done. Keywords : Jihad,hermeneutics, terrorism and hardline muslim movement

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