PELESTARIAN BAHAN PUSTAKA DAN ARSIP (Sebuah Upaya Dalam Merawat dan Menjaga Bahan Perpustakaan)

husnah, husnah (2020) PELESTARIAN BAHAN PUSTAKA DAN ARSIP (Sebuah Upaya Dalam Merawat dan Menjaga Bahan Perpustakaan). Jurnal Imam Bonjol, 4 (2). pp. 116-122. ISSN p-ISSN : 2549-1091


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Abstract: The public generally thinks that the library is only a storage place for books. But more than that, a library is a place where all information contained in printed or nonprinted form is located. The purpose of preserving library and archive materials is to preserve the information content of library materials in the form of using other media or preserving the original form as completely as possible so that it can be used optimally. Apart from humans, animals, dust, mold, chemicals and the universe can damage library materials. In order for library materials not to be damaged quickly, librarians must know ways to care for library materials. The factors that cause damage to various library materials can be humans, rats, insects and others. Patching hollow books by bookworm larvae or other reasons, connecting torn paper, patching torn book pages and so on is work that must be done, it cannot be refused by the conservation department. The tools, materials needed and how to do book repairs should be carefully studied by a librarian or a conservation technician.

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Subjects: U Umum (General) > Referensi Umum dan Terbitan Berseri
Divisions: Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora > Ilmu Perpustakaan
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